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Feb 27th, 2004

Cambrian Foundation redesign

Redesign of exisiting Cambrian Foundation web site.

Redesign site whose look was in need of revitalization. Thought the original site design was cohesive multiple updates by multiple project leaders had left vast content scattered and sometimes difficult to find.

Updated user interface so that all new project entries have consistent look and feel. Developed content delivery system so that project leaders could enter project updates – even from the jungles of Mexico. Essentially the site can be updated from anywhere a project leader can find Internet access. Since the foundation engages in highly technical expeditions and research projects, “a diver status application” was developed to keep track of each participants credentials and ensure that all technical requirements are current. This information is monitored by the Dive Safety Office. In addition divers can update their own online dive logs, this allows the Dive Safety Officer to focus on more important task than updating divers logs. 

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