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Jan 7th, 2000

Lake Holden P.O.A.

Originally launched in 1998 and re-designed in 2000, the Lake Holden Property Owners Association communicates current activities functions, scientific information and provides access to required forms for lake re-vegetation, Building and zoning.

Redesign existing site that was lunched in 1998. The must be easy to use and deliver news regarding current lake events while providing residents access to need information.

The Lake Holden website functions not only as the Organization's informational Website; but, also "houses" the membership roster in an online database. This makes it easy for incoming administrations to access billing and membership status. Since the data "lives" online and not on someone's private computer this eliminates potential conflict in the event of heated turn over in administration.

The Lake Holden Website also provides access to permitting forms, scientific data and research data. Such as : Lake Watch and lake level data. The Lake level is of great interest to our residents in either drought or excessively rain seasons. This data is maintained in a database that is updated regularly by a lake resident via a backend password protected admin section. Since the data goes back to 1958 it provides a good idea of the wet dry cycle for our lake. BTW, the summing and averaging functions on the front page are done "on the fly" and compute the information that is resident in the database.

The website also provides a forum for residents via the neighbor's notes section.

In addition, residents can join and renew their dues online.

The website can collect RSVPs for annual events (fish fry, BBQ, Christmas Boat Parade etc).

Moreover, the Lake Holden website has an abbreviated 'mobile version' suitable for PDA delivery.

Board of Directors email addresses are NOT hard coded into the web pages, instead they are delivered real-time from a database. This keeps the "spam-bots", spiders and spam harvesters for access personal information. When those pages get "crawled" the bots only see the links to the database not the data itself, thus shielding BoD members from more unwanted spam and potential virus delivery. 

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